Drum Seeder

The seed cum fertilizer drill consists of a seed box, fertilizer box, seed and fertilizer metering mechanisms, seed tubes, furrow openers, seed and fertilizer rate adjusting lever and transport cum power transmitting wheel. The fluted rollers are driven by a shaft which gets power from wheels. Fluted rollers fixed in the seed box, receive the seeds into longitudinal grooves and drop them in the seed tube attached to the furrow openers. By shifting the rollers sideways, the length of the grooves exposed to the seed, can be increased or decreased and hence the amount of seed sown can be varied.

Cono Weeder

The cono weeder has two conical rotors mounted in tandem with opposite orientation. Smooth and serrated blades mounted alternately on the rotor uproot and burry weeds because the rotors create a back and forth movement in the top 3 cm of soil, the cono weeder can satisfactorily weed in a single forward pass without a push pull movement.