Reaper Binder

Reaper-Binder is a unique harvesting machine that reaps the crop as well as binds it simultaneously. This Innovative Mechanical machine ensures 100% recovery of straw with negligible grain losses at a surprisingly low cost of operation. This machine is mainly used in Wheat, Paddy, Oats, Barley and other grain crops.

Harvesting and Binding of Grain Crops in a single operation. Used for Grain crops of Height up to 85 to 110 cms. Harvesting and Binding of 1 Acre of field in 1 Hour, with consumption of 1 Liter Diesel only. Cutter Bar for Harvesting Barseem, Mentha, Lucern, Paddy Stubbles and Other Fodder Crops can also be attached to the same machine. A sprayer attachment with capacity of 250 ltr. can be mounted on the same machine.